Our ISO 9001:2008 registered Contract Manufacturing business provides solutions.

We research, design, develop, engineer, manufacture, and sell diversified lines of OEM and private products and we provide contract manufacturing services for others.

We manufacture a wide variety of products including lawn and garden equipment, over the road trailers and loading ramps, wellness, and exercise equipment, ergonomic material handling solutions and a variety of contract manufactured products for others. We are the people behind the brand.

We provide fabrication and contract manufacturing services including stamping, forming, bending, welding, punching, powder coating, assembling, packaging, and shipping.

Our diversified in-house expertise and strategic alliances afford our customers confidence in knowing Ohio Steel Industries can provide cost-effective, quality “complete product” manufacturing services spanning a wide variety of materials and processes.

Bruce Davis, General Manager
(800) 652-2321 x247

Doug Hill, Business Development
(800) 652-2321 x206