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Experts In Contract Manufacturing

Our ISO 9001:2015 registered Contract Manufacturing business provides solutions.

“Solid Works,” 3-D CAD capability. We research, design, develop, engineer, manufacture, and sell diversified lines of OEM and private products and we provide contract manufacturing services for others.

We manufacture a wide variety of products including lawn and garden equipment, over the road trailers and loading ramps, wellness, and exercise equipment, ergonomic material handling solutions and a variety of contract manufactured products for others. We are the people behind the brand.

We provide A-Z fabrication and contract manufacturing services including stamping, forming, bending, welding, punching, powder coating, assembling, packaging, and shipping.

Our diversified in-house expertise and strategic alliances afford our customers confidence in knowing Ohio Steel Industries can provide cost-effective, quality “complete product” manufacturing services spanning a wide variety of materials and processes.


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Bruce Davis, General Manager
Email: bdavis@ohiosteel.com
Phone: (614) 568-4220



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